The best O/A Level physics online learning experience in Dhaka.

Who are we ?

Raphael Teaches. We are a team of teachers, assistants and students working together to build an engaging and comprehensive learning experience for students. Our mission is to promote the Right Way to Learn.

Students study O and A level Physics under Raphael Sir, who has over 13 years of teaching experience. A team works with him to take care of all the matters and materials surrounding teaching. 

Our Team

Adapting to unique circumstances

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, online classes are the unavoidable new norm, even if the government-issued lock-down is lifted in the next few weeks, it will be extremely risky to go back to physical classes – where you sit with 20-25 other students, packed inside one room.

Keeping the students healthy is of the utmost importance. We should be mentally-prepared that it will at least take several months for things to get back to normal.

That being said, stopping your education is also not an option, we have to adapt and come up with alternatives to continue your education as effectively as possible while staying in doors.

The goal is not to provide an equal service to that of the physical classes, rather it is to deliver even better education guidance.

Our Alumnus

Raphael Bhaiya is a great teacher being able to relate to both students and parents alike. He incorporates levity to keep students engaged while not only teaching the course content but the importance of it.
Student's Image
Nafis Forkan
UBC Class of 2022
I remember back in my O- Level days I dreaded going to any of my classes, but Raphael Sir’s classes were the only ones I enjoyed. He’s truly the best physics teacher.
Student's Image
Tasneem Islam Arna
IBA,DU Batch 24
Raphael Sir’s physics classes were the most entertaining yet the most effective. He’s the reason behind my strong passion for the sciences.
Rakinul Huq
McGill Class of 2018